Nicclectic is eclectic

Being surrounded by inspiration every day, and being compelled to create from it can almost drive one mad.

I find myself driven to paint. Then not just paint, but wanting to combine painting with pastel drawing... and then not just that, I want to try other combinations of things as well! And so I do.

I also find myself being passionate about sea glass. Hunting for it, and for beautiful shells that I can combine with it. And while the hunting is amazing, I want to make things with it. And so I make jewelry, napkin rings and wine glass charms with sea glass as a focal point.

I learn how to use hand tools, power tools, beads, adhesives, acrylic paints, oil paints, canvas texturizer, and on and on, to see what everything does, so I can make what I want to make.

My inspirations are vast, and so my creations are eclectic. And that is how I, Nicole, started Nicclectic.

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